23 years of experience
Vitalii Viktorovych
Chief physician and director Club 32

"When I did an internship after University, I had the idea that I want to give more attention to the people and bring more benefits to using their knowledge and skills. Thus was born the idea of organizing a clinic "32 Club"! Now my team and I love your work – give people health and a beautiful smile!".

To increase the level of knowledge were trained in specialized courses and seminars, including:

  • "A technique of indirect restorations composite Micerium S. P. A. ";.
  • "Adhesive bridge design teeth DentArt";
  • "Orthopaedics and surgery on the example of the implant systems Ankylos, MediaDent";
  • "Digital technologies shape the future of dentistry Espentise";
  • "Prosthetic MediaDent".

Passion: "the journey. They give me a huge charge of vivacity and positive, which I share with my distinguished colleagues and patients. "


Graduated from national Medical University. Bogomolets in 2001.

Work experience in dentistry: 12 years.

Since 2006 – doctor of II category of the specialty of prosthodontics.
Since 2009 – doctor of the I category in the specialty of prosthetic dentistry.

Team member
18 years of experience
Iryna Valeriivna
Head's assistant

ІIryna Telezhnikova has been working at Club 32 as a deputy director for 2 years. She graduated from the National Aviation University in 2006. By choosing this profession, Iryna focused on activity, looking for ways to solve problems quickly and efficiently, and gained significant communication and professional experience.

She enjoys reading, sports, and spending time outdoors with her loved ones. Iryna dreams of traveling and vacationing around the world.

Iryna highly appreciates the cool and friendly team of Club 32, individual and high-quality approach to each patient. In her opinion, the clinic's specialty is its charisma, which consists of professionalism, quality, responsibility and care that every patient feels.


In 2006, she graduated from the National Aviation University.


2020 - Motivational meeting for administrators

2021 - Seminar "Clinic Formula: A new approach to treatment and patient care".

21 years of experience
Kateryna Yevhenivna
Dentist, therapist, periodontist.

I have been working at Club 32 since 2014.

In my work, I get satisfaction from the fact that I can help my patients get rid of pain, motivate them to take care of their health, and receive gratitude for showing how to be treated without pain and not to be afraid of the dentist.

In my spare time, I love to read detective and adventure novels, draw, and spend time with my family.

I dream of improving my profession, working with optical devices, working with the Picasso Lite+ laser, Florida Proube electronic probe, AIRFLOW® PROPHYLAXIS MASTER.

Outside of my profession, I dream of learning how to shoot, learn English, travel again and visit Iceland, Norway, and New Zealand.

I dream of Ukraine winning the war that it did not start!!!

I love "Club 32" for its sincerity, humanity and thirst for quality in everything, from materials to equipment!!

"Club 32" has a soul!!! And the soul of the club is its ideological founder - Ushakov Vitaly Viktorovych, who assembled a unique team.

These are people who adore their work. People who don't care, people who know how to empathize and sincerely love their patients, people who constantly improve and rejoice in the success of their colleagues!!!


She graduated from Bogomolets Medical University in 2003.

25 years of experience
Yuliia Leonidivna
Implant surgeon

Mrs. Yulia is an experienced implantologist.

She joined our team in April 2023. She chose the specialty of dentist because she likes to help people, besides, she herself had a lot of problems with her teeth since childhood and therefore already knew a lot about the profession at the time of entering university.

Here are her words: "I love dentistry, because this profession provides an opportunity to constantly grow and develop. Something new and progressive is constantly appearing in our field. It is inspiring. I constantly take advanced training courses. Among them are dental stomatology, bone plastic, emergency conditions and many others.

I know how to find a common language with both adults and children. In my spare time, I am a mother, I hope that I am a beautiful, cheerful and energetic person, I am interested in photography,

I like recreation in nature with friends, tourism, painting. I like "Club 32" for its team and quality of work. I always go here with pleasure."


She graduated from Bogomolets Medical University in 1999.

5 years of experience
Oleksandr Mykolaiovych
Dentist-surgeon, implantologist

He has been working at Club 32 since August 3, 2022.

I chose this profession because I want to fulfill myself and be useful. In addition, I want to make a contribution to the history of Ukrainian medicine.

What I like most about this job is responsibility and difficult cases.

In my free time I enjoy extreme water sports, tennis, traveling, learning new things.

My strategic goals in the profession are the improvement and integration of modern foreign medical knowledge and methods in the treatment of Ukrainians.

I dream of providing quality assistance to the maximum number of people.

I love Club 32 for the team and the opportunity to always be heard.

In my opinion, this clinic is distinguished by the ability to find a common language with everyone and the desire to develop.


In 2019, he graduated from Bogomolets National Medical University.

2021 - internship at UVMA.

17 years of experience
Borys Borysovych
Dentist, Orthopedic dentist

I have been working at Club 32 since 2009.

I chose this profession because it encompasses many different sciences, which I liked so much as a child.

In my work, I like more than anything the positive emotions from the fact that people smile in a new way after treatment :-)

In my free time, I enjoy fishing, sports, and woodworking.

My strategic goal in the profession is the maximum transition to "digital dentistry".

I love "Club 32" for the constant development and implementation of modern treatment methods.

Our management constantly takes care of improvement and acquisition of more modern equipment, which creates a huge incentive for the development of specialists.


In 2007, he graduated from O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University.

18 years of experience
Iryna Stepanivna
Dentist general practitioners, podiatrist

Iryna Lukashyk, who has been working at our clinic since its opening in 2008, is one of the key members of our team. She graduated from the Bogomolets National Medical University in 2006 and specializes in orthopedic and therapeutic dentistry, thanks to which she is always improving her skills through courses in endodontics and restoration.

Iryna is fond of sports and traveling, dreams of discovering new horizons and living by the ocean. She appreciates the friendly atmosphere of the clinic and its high professional level


In 2006, she graduated from O.O. Bogomolets

2010, specialization in orthopedic dentistry at the UMSA in Poltava.

In 2013, he was awarded the II category of general dentistry at KMAPO. P.L. Shupyka

4 years of experience
Maryna Oleksandrivna

Maryna Baranchuk joined the Club 32 team in 2021. She graduated from Bogomolets National Medical University in 2022, choosing dentistry after her own orthodontic treatment.

Maryna specializes in diagnostics, periodontics, including hygienic professional cleanings, and artistic dental restoration.

Marina is characterized by a love of teamwork, constantly acquiring new knowledge and useful skills. In her spare time, she enjoys sports, reading books and learning foreign languages. Her goal is to become a highly qualified orthodontist.

She dreams of traveling and highly appreciates the friendly staff and professional unity of the team at Club 32.

Maryna creates a pleasant atmosphere and treats each patient attentively in the clinic.


She graduated from Bogomolets National Medical University in 2022.

16 years of experience
Iryna Valeriivna
Dentist, therapist, orthopedist

Iryna Smoliar graduated from Bogomolets National Medical University in 2008, choosing dentistry because of her desire to help people and strengthen their smiles.

Iryna specializes in complex dental restoration, including root canal treatment, photopolymer restorations, and ceramic restorations.

Iryna especially appreciates the moments when she helps patients overcome their fear of dental treatment, turning them into grateful friends. She loves to improve people's comfort and quality of life through her work.In her spare time, Iryna enjoys caring for animals and growing exotic plants. She dreams of a kinder and happier world.

Her professional ambitions are to constantly develop and become not only a good doctor, but also a friend to her patients.


She graduated from the Bogomolets National Medical University in 2008.

Team member
14 years of experience
Yevheniia Oleksandrivna

I have been working at Club 32 since February 14, 2016.

She chose her future profession when she herself was an orthodontic patient. Then I really liked both the process and the result.

More than anything in my work, I love the opportunity to help people

become more confident. In addition, I really like to create beauty and combine aesthetics and health in a smile.

In my free time, I like walking, hiking, sports, yoga and astrology.

My main goal as a dentist is to constantly improve my professional level.

Outside of work, I am learning to maintain a balance between professional activity and other areas of life. I want to travel more to different countries.

I dream that Ukrainian medicine, which is actually at a very high level, would be recognized all over the world.

I love "Club 32" for its good working atmosphere and friendly team.

In addition, we are distinguished by the very good technical equipment of the clinic and a fair price for dental treatment at this level.


She graduated from Bogomolets National Medical University in 2010.

16 years of experience
Liudmyla Ivanivna
Children's dentist

Liudmyla Romyhailo, a 2008 graduate of Vinnytsia Pirogov National Medical University, is our experienced pediatric dentist. She joined the clinic in 2017 and is known for her special approach to working with children.

Liudmyla creates an atmosphere of comfort and trust for younger patients, paying special attention to an individual approach.

She is constantly improving her professional level, following the latest practices in pediatric dentistry.In her free time, Lyudmila enjoys reading and caring for her pets and plants. She appreciates the friendly team of the clinic and dreams of peace and harmony.


In 2008, she graduated from Pirogov Vinnytsia National Medical University.

Team member
12 years of experience
Yuliia Viacheslavivna
Dentist's assistant

Yulia Chaban has been working at Club 32 for 6 years as a dental assistant. She graduated from the Bila Tserkva Medical College, choosing this profession for aesthetic reasons, considering healthy teeth to be the key to beauty and health of the whole body.

Yulia is noted for her love of seeing the result of her work - a satisfied patient. She is passionate about sports, in particular Pilates, and strives to keep up to date with new dental treatments by attending various courses.

Her dream is to enjoy life and peaceful skies over Ukraine. Yulia highly appreciates the almost family-like atmosphere of the team and the warm atmosphere of the clinic, which is characterized by a willingness to take into account the individual needs of each patient.


Graduated from Belotserk Medical College.

Courses, specializations:

Endotherapy, emergency x-ray (teeth)

Team member
13 years of experience
Iryna Vasylivna
Dentist's assistant

Iryna Buryk, who joined the Club 32 team in 2013, is a dedicated dental assistant. She graduated from Kivertsi Medical College in 2013 with a degree in dental hygiene. Iryna has always had a passion for medicine and a desire to help people.

She is noted for her love of work, especially appreciating the opportunity to help patients and see their sincere gratitude. Iryna constantly strives to improve her skills and expand her knowledge by attending various courses and seminars.

Her hobbies include music, sports and cooking. Iryna dreams of traveling a lot and owning her own house. She appreciates the friendly atmosphere and high qualifications of her colleagues at the Club 32 clinic, feeling supported and happy to work in a team.


In 2013, she graduated from Kivertsi Medical College with a degree in dentistry and received a qualification as a dental hygienist.


2016 Training... standards of patient interaction for junior medical staff.

2018 Providing first aid.

2021 Seminar Clinic Formula: A new approach to treatment and patient care.

Team member
16 years of experience
Natalia Volodymyrivna
Dentist's assistant

Natalia Manokhina joined the Club 32 team 1.5 months ago as a nurse. She graduated from the Artemivsk Medical School in June 1997, choosing the profession with a desire to help people.

Natalia is noted for her dedication to her work and the satisfaction she gets from helping patients. She strives to stay up-to-date with medical innovations, having completed courses in nursing and basic physical therapy in 2017.

In her free time, Natalia does housework. She appreciates the atmosphere of the Club 32 clinic for the kindness of the staff, comfort and care for each patient, feeling part of a large friendly team.

8 years of experience
Dentist's assistant
Team member
8 years of experience
Diana Olehivna
Dentist's assistant

Diana Shabranska joined the Club 32 team in March 2022. She is currently a 6th year student at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, having chosen this profession as a path to a future career as a doctor.

Diana is noted for her dedication and focus on positive outcomes and patient happiness. Her main goal is to fully support the doctor and help achieve high results in treatment.

Her hobbies include yoga, meeting friends and shopping.

Diana dreams of a peaceful and united Ukraine and strives for inner peace.

She appreciates the friendly team and serious approach to work at Club 32, as well as the clinic's dedication to the health and wishes of its patients.


I am currently in my sixth year at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University.

Team member
8 years of experience
Antonina Oleksandrivna

Antonina Boyko has been working as an administrator at Club 32 for 2 years and is one of the best employees of the clinic.

She is noted for her professional competence, attention to detail and ability to create a cozy atmosphere for patients and colleagues. She appreciates the opportunity to communicate with people, solve various problems and influence the overall atmosphere of the clinic.

Antonina strives to provide high quality service and believes that friendliness and a warm attitude are key to successful work in the healthcare sector.

(And outside of work, Antonina enjoys makeup, which is her hobby. She recently completed Svetlana Medvedeva's course "VIP makeup artist and hairstylist :) )

Team member (cat)

РRicky, a small charming cat who lives in a dental clinic, embodies an incredible story of loyalty and love. From the first moments of the attack on Ukraine in 2022, his owner, a brave defender, went to the front, leaving Ricky in the clinic. Ricky, with his bright green eyes and soft purr, became the personification of warmth and reassurance for the patients and staff of the clinic.

Every day, Ricky watches the world from the window of his favorite room, full of hope to see his owner. Like a small symbol of hope, he believes in victory and the day when he will be able to hug his hero again. His presence in the clinic has become more than just entertainment; Ricky has become an integral part of its soul, a symbol of unwavering loyalty and expectation for the best.

For Ricky, life at the clinic is not just life, it is a mission of love, comfort and hope that he fulfills every day as he waits for that great day of restoration and reunion with his master.

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