We are all alike and we are all different.

We all have the same number of bones and organs, the same diseases.
But this does not prevent us all from being different. Some are tall, others are short; some are stout, others are thin.

The same with the mind. Discoveries in neurophysiology and psychology give us the right to assume that the minds of all homos are very similar in structure. It is like an operating system like Windows - libraries, drivers, algorithms. We have all this. And it does it in all homos approximately the same.
And our individuality is provided by the environment. Family, friends, education, traditions - all this makes everyone unique.

But not everything is "loaded" into us from the outside.
A certain share of its "settings" is transmitted through DNA. Children's talents cannot be explained otherwise.

And why is there shame?
The fact is that "factory settings" are a priority for us. Of course, we can change them too. But it will take a lot of energy and time, and as a result we will only have disappointment.
Therefore, now it is not about changes, but about revealing one's natural potential.

Shame appears where our "factory settings" come into conflict with the rules of society.
😕"I'm not who I should be"
"I am not what they want to see me as"

These toxic narratives force many to hide their deepest desires and step on the throat of their own song.
👉Spoiler - nothing good will come of it.
Such a person can become a successful middle manager. But will this homo be happy? Hardly.

The secret is that deep motivations and desires cannot be "suffocated". They can only be hidden. But even then they will not give rest, breaking through all possible cracks.

Therefore, we advise you to stop being ashamed.
😌 Allow yourself to be who you are. Of course, at the same time, the interests of others should not be affected, because "the rights of one end where the rights of another begin"

But experience says that we can become fulfilled and happy people without affecting anyone.

All the same, good luck to you on this difficult, but very interesting path.
And every time you start to feel ashamed, know that something very important for you wants to be realized.

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